I have been a technical translator for over 25 years. First in a translation agency where I learned the basics of the practical side of translating after studying the subject in the university. After four years, it was time to try something else, so I moved into an IT company, first as a technical writer and later becoming a documentation manager as the need for coordinating subcontractors expanded. During my time there, I learned some Lotus Notes database programming since I also acted as a software tester while documenting the systems developed by the company.

In 2004, it was time to proceed to other endeavours, so I became a freelance translator operating under my own trade name, FennoTrans. During these years, I have had opportunities to translate a large variety of technical and business texts with occasional video games thrown into the mix. I am still on that road, although 2020 threw some unexpected challenges on my way. That made me take a good look at my career and to reflect on what I want to do going forward.

One of the results was that I decided to learn a new trade, which will provide me with another special field and/or a side business. So I studied at Sedu Seinšjoki to become a dressmaker (Vocational Qualification in the Textiles and Fashion Industry) and graduated in May 2022.

My interest in all things handmade is a long standing one as you can see from my blogs Fashion Doll Shoes and Tarja's Crafts. The main difference between my hobbies and studies was that I moved from miniatures to life-size products.